Entel provides specialised and bespoke technical, analytical and advisory services across the following areas.

  • Energy management

  • Smart metering and IoT

  • Data, monitoring & analytics

  • Energy efficiency

  • Demand management & response

  • Renewable energy

  • Energy storage

  • Distributed energy resources

  • Green hydrogen

  • Zero emissions vehicles

  • Energy & carbon markets

  • Compliance, regulation & reporting

energy consumers.png

Take control of your operational energy use, costs and emissions

Energy Consumers

Entel can help you take transformative action to control energy use, costs and emissions through the following three-step process:

  1. Establish clear goals & develop a strategy

  2. Build internal energy management capability

  3. Invest in a portfolio of energy opportunities

Need an in-house energy manager? Entel can help.

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Remain relevant in an industry full of uncertainty and disruption

Energy Networks & Retailers

The energy industry is undergoing a paradigm shift towards decarbonization, decentralisation and digitisation. Entel can help you navigate deep uncertainty and remain relevant in the context of:

  • Carbon neutrality targets

  • Uncertain policy landscape

  • Market & regulatory reforms

  • Evolving customer preferences

  • Distributed energy resources

  • New business & operating models

energy policy & rule makers.png

Formulate policies and programs with triple bottom line outcomes

Energy Policy & Rules Makers

Entel can help you formulate and evaluate energy and climate policy and programs that provide economical, social and environmental outcomes:

  • Attract new investment, generate new industry and jobs

  • Reduce the cost of living, reduce local pollution, improve thermal comfort

  • Reduce emissions, restore ecosystems through carbon sequestration

energy innovators.png

Bring your innovative energy products and services to market

Energy Innovators

Entel can support you with the following so you can bring your innovation to market and be part of building tomorrow's clean energy economy:

  • Accessing grants & tax concessions

  • Pilots, trials & evaluating outcomes

  • Market research & linking your innovation with interested parties

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