Energy Management Diagnostic

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Leadership & Strategy.png

Calibrate your leadership and energy management commitments, develop an energy strategy to set a clear direction.

Opportunities & Planning.png

Develop a portfolio of energy opportunities and plan the road ahead to hit your strategic energy objectives and long term goals.

Accountabilities, Engagement &

Establish clear accountabilities, drive a staff engagement program and upskill staff to get the best out of your most valuable resource.

Procurement, Budgets & Finance.png

Optimise the price you pay for energy, control energy budgets and calibrate energy-intensive capital investments for financial outcomes.

Assets, Operations & Supply.svg.png

Design and operate physical assets with high energy performance, manage the risks and opportunities for energy supplied to your sites.

Data & Monitoring.png

Establish a data management system and put your data to work so you can monitor energy performance on an ongoing basis.

Review & Report.png

Review and recalibrate for continuous improvement, report the right information to decision-makers for effective action.


Stay ahead of the game by adopting an innovation framework that will place you at the cutting edge in energy management.